Reinventing base camp for your productions, hoots, and special events.

MEET TIN GYPSIES. Your on-the-spot concierge for photo and video shoots, movies, productions, performances, and other special events. Seated behind the wheel of a custom built 35-foot luxury Airstream motorhome, we are “professional vagabonds” delivering a unique blend of classic hospitality.
Let us travel to your site and be base camp for virtually all
of the particulars of a “back-stage” production: Client Meetings
and Relaxation
, Styling (hair & make-up for star talent and models), Wardrobe Changes, Catering, and Entertaining.

Let our “Gypsymobile” transform your next production into a memorable experience.
Contact us soon to learn more, or arrange your next adventure!
  Your host, Gio Cerise